Choose from the following professional food photography packages to add a sizzle to your or your client’s online and print appearance:


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By The Hour - Professional Food Photo Session By The Hour - 1-3 Hours

  • Free phone consultation 
  • 1-3 hours of professional food styling and photography at your establishment or in our studio
  • 5-10 professional photos per hour on average, or whatever we can shoot in this time frame
  • Emphasis on appetizing food images that make you stand out!
  • Great for simple projects, including: restaurant menu items, website updates, social media, staff portraits, facility images, food and beverage product shots for web or catalog, social media
  • Light editing to optimize composition, light, and color included
  • Select and output best files for social media, website, print
  • Download digital files from our website
  • Add retouching and video by the hour for $150 per hour
  • Pay by the hour $150 per hour

By The Day: Half Day or Full Day Professional Food Photo Session - 4-8 hours

  • Free phone consultation 
  • Half day or full day of professional food styling and photography at your establishment or in our studio
  • As many photos as we can shoot in this time frame - on location shoots often provide 50 or more per day; studio sessions vary
  • Emphasis on appetizing food images that make you stand out!
  • Great for larger projects including: restaurant and catering menus, food catalogs, website ecommerce photos, social media, process shots, staff portraits, facility images, branded and multiple product shots, catalogs, direct mail images, billboards, banners, wall decals/posters, tv slide shows, window decals, posters, books, menu boards
  • Photo shoot organizer for the whole team to collaborate online
  • Develop branded photo set(s) for your list including menu items, establishment, and portraits 
  • Tethered shoot - see your photos on our laptop as we shoot
  • Light editing to optimize composition, light, and color included
  • Select and output best files for social media, website, print
  • Select and output full resolution files for print with option for giant size for windows, walls, trucks, and billboards
  • Download digital files from our website
  • Add professional retouching and video editing by the hour for $100 per hour 
  • 4 or more hours: $138 per hour ($550 for half day or $1100 for full day)

Monthly Social Content Subscription:

Never run out of great ideas! Work with Expression Food to generate fresh content that uniquely highlights your brand and gets noticed by your target audience. Judy does the constant work of keeping up with the latest styling trends as well as the most delicious flavor ideas to create high-quality shots that get noticed to drive awareness for your brand. This monthly subscription brings a steady stream of high quality assets for your content marketing needs. $200 per 10 photos, based on 12-month subscription.

Product Feature Photo Suite
Your customers eat with their eyes! Expression Food's styled photos will help you grab the attention of retailers and consumers with high-quality shots that highlight the taste appeal and usage for your new and priority food and beverage products. Illustrate the value of your products with product shots, hero shots, lifestyle shots, entertaining, recipe shots, and much more. Can be shot on location or in studio. Contact for quote

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